Configuration Dashboard

The Configuration Dashboard is where features are enabled and disabled. The first time you login to the configuration dashboard, you will be asked to authorize the Always Be Closing service access to your GitHub account.

The panel on the left shows the list of organizations that have registered with the service. Clicking on an organization will show you the list of services for that organization on the right panel. All the administrators of an organization have the ability to enable or disable services. If you have only have one organization enabled, then you will be automatically redirected to the detail page for that organization.

If you have recently been made an administrator of an organization, use the “Refresh” button on the left panel to regenerate the list of available organizations. If an organization has been renamed, then navigate to the detail page under the old organization name and use the “Refresh” button to update the name of the organization.

Install Always Be Closing via the GitHub marketplace. Leave feedback at the ABC community site.