Delete Reaction/Emoji Comments

Delete Reaction Comments is an Always Be Closing (ABC) feature that deletes comments from pull requests that are better expressed as GitHub reactions. Comments that consist entirely of “+1”, “-1”, or any of the GitHub Reactions (👍 👎 😄 😕 ❤️ 🎉) will be deleted. The deleted comments are replaced with a single summary comment on the pull request that tracks the number of deleted reactions. Below is an example of the comment that will be posted. The summary comment is updated when additional comments are deleted.

Delete Reaction Comments Example

Delete Emoji Comments goes one step further than Delete Reaction Comments. Comments that consist entirely of “+1”, “-1”, or any comment that is a single character will be deleted. This feature removes comments that consist entirely of one emoji character. It also removes any other comment that is a single character long.

You can enable Delete Reaction Comments or Delete Emoji Comments. The Dashboard will not allow you to enable both features at the same time.

Install Always Be Closing via the GitHub marketplace. These features can be enabled on the configuration dashboard. Leave feedback at the ABC community site.