Gist Comment Notifications (Deprecated)

Update (May 8, 2019): This feature is deprecated. Gist notifications are now a GitHub feature. You can now receive notifications for new conversations occurring on gists. Similar to issues and pull requests, you can opt out of these notifications at any time.

Gist Notifications is an Always Be Closing (ABC) feature that periodically sends you an email notification when someone has posted a comment on one of your gists. GitHub does not notify you when someone posts a gist comment. The notifications are sent in a batch digest once every 24 hours. If there are new comments then you’ll receive an email.

The emails will have the following format:

The following GitHub gists authored by [username] have new comments:

[Gist name]

[user1] commented 3 hours ago

This is a gist comment.

[user2] commented 1 hour ago

This is another gist comment.

Gist Notifications is unable to monitor private gists. This limitation is caused by a bug in the GitHub API. To unsubscribe from these emails go to the configuration dashboard and disable the “Gist Notifications” feature.

Install Always Be Closing via the GitHub marketplace. This feature can be enabled on the configuration dashboard. Leave feedback at the ABC community site.