Merge, Squash, Rebase

Merge, Squash, and Rebase are Always Be Closing (ABC) features that automatically merge and close pull requests. The base branch of the pull request must be a protected branch. The branch protection options determine when a pull request is merged. Use Pull Request Reviews if you want to require reviews. Use Required Status Checks if you want to ensure that CI tests are passing.

If you create a protected branch with no branch protection options, then this feature will automatically merge a pull request as soon as it is created.

You can enable either Merge, Squash, or Rebase. The Dashboard will not allow you to enable more than one feature at the same time.

These features requires write access to the git contents of your repository. Due to this requirement the features are not available in the “Always Be Closing Jr” service. ABC Jr only provides features that do not require read/write access to contents of the git repository.

Install Always Be Closing via the GitHub marketplace. These features can be enabled on the configuration dashboard. Leave feedback at the ABC community site.