Simple Pull Request Reviews

Simple Pull Request Reviews is an Always Be Closing (ABC) feature that creates a Github Review on your behalf when you submit the comment “approve” or “request changes” on a Pull Request. GitHub Reviews are an effective way of ensuring that code has been reviewed before merging. GitHub Reviews have the advantage of being relatively permanent (only admins can remove them). They are also highlighted in the Pull Request user interface so it is easy to see when a pull request has been approved. You can require GitHub Reviews on the protected branches of your GitHub repository.

Simple Reviews Example

If you are tired of navigating the several button clicks that are necessary to create a review then use Simple Pull Request Reviews. Enter the comment text “approve” or “request changes” on your pull request. The ABC service will then post a GitHub Review on your behalf. In the example above, the user entered “approve” as a comment on the pull request. The ABC bot then submitted a pull request review on the user’s behalf.

The first time that a user submits a pull request using the ABC service, they will see a pull request comment with instructions on authorizing the ABC service with permission to submit the pull request on their behalf. Click on the authorization link on the pull request comment. After you have authorized the ABC service, you must return to the pull request and resubmit the pull request comment. Here is an example.

Simple Reviews Authorization

Note that the comment “approve” had to be entered twice.

Install Always Be Closing via the GitHub marketplace. This feature can be enabled on the configuration dashboard. Leave feedback at the ABC community site.